My minimalist style

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In blogging, especially lifestyle blogging, a person with a less-than-par fashion sense can start to feel, well, less-than. It can be quite draining, actually!

A lot of times, I will show up to events or evenings out and feel too casual. I will decorate a new space in my home and it'll feel too boring. So much so that I am too embarrassed to share it on my blog for fear of people going, "meh."

And some people in my life have actually said, "meh". And that doesn't feel good at all!

But I recently read a post on Decor8 about personal style, where I believe the message was about owning your sense of style and recognizing that everyone has their personal bubble, where some things are right, and other things are wrong within that bubble. Some similar bubbles may float together and that's where you'll find happiness and feel at peace. And my favorite part about the message was being unapologetic about your own sense of style, or largely, your bubble.

Thus I commented:

I love this post– as someone with minimal decor tastes, I have similar minimalist fashion style tastes. And I always feel bad about it. But you’re right, everyone has their bubble and should be unapologetic about that bubble. If I want to wear a grey v-neck t-shirt and colored chino shorts every day with flip flops 5 days out of the week, so be it. I just have to learn to own it and not worry so much about not being as fashionable. Because really, my fashion style is MY style, even if others consider it boring! May other minimalistic bubbles float towards mine. :)

So let it be known that I'm consciously making the switch to just do me, and be unapologetic about it. I'm going to do what feels right to me and stop worrying so much. I encourage you to do the same!

Steve Jobs : black turtlenecks :: Jenn : grey t-shirts.

So, to illustrate my blog post, I'm bravely publishing a photo of my minimalist bedroom and a glimpse of my workspace which you can see on Instagram. (Also here's a typical outfit for me... and another oldie but goodie, both with flops, all the way.)

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Do you feel a lot of pressure to make others happy in your personal style, whether it's your preferred decor or your fashion choices? What's the balance between presenting you as YOU, and presenting yourself as what you think others want you to be?