Hello Brio is all about living an intentional life through creativity and conscious choices.

We’re passionate about continuous learning, minimalism, ethical consumerism, and mindfulness.

In terms of creativity, you'll find helpful tutorials, ebooks, and courses that focus on illustration, hand lettering and design.

With passion and efficiency, great things can happen.

Brio (noun): vigor or vivacity of style

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Learn new things

Want to learn something new? Here are some skills you can add to your repertoire.

Digitize your artwork and hand lettering

Digitize your artwork and hand lettering

Learn all about brush calligraphy and lettering

Learn all about brush calligraphy and lettering

Create your own repeating patterns for surface pattern design

Create your own repeating patterns for surface pattern design

Make your own hand-drawn font

Make your own hand-drawn font

More about me

Jennifer Coyle, Hello Brio

Who am I? I'm Jenn (Jennifer Coyle Palandro), a Philadelphia-based web designer and developer. I’m an ENFJ who thrives on learning new things, being a zen Type-A, writing, and teaching.

Fast fun facts

  • I have a baby. I call him Beans. We’re expecting a Ziggy come March ‘19.

  • I live with said baby and my husband Chris.

  • I have a degree in Interior Design; I don't use it.

  • I'm mildly allergic to peanuts but it doesn’t stop me from eating them.

  • I play the ukulele. Or at least I think often about playing the ukulele.

  • Fueled by burritos.

  • I've watched The Office at least 4x through and could have a quote-off with anyone.

  • I'm a published author of Online Dating Done Right.

Things that rock my socks: minimalism, running, reading, indie music and films. Want to know more about the lady behind the blog? Follow me on Twitter (my pressure release valve for when I think I’m funny) and my personal instagram (where I consider it ok to over-share goofy photos of my offspring).

Medical-type Disclaimer

I am not a health professional, nor am I able to give out real medical advice. Check with your doctor before starting any diet or fasting program. Blah blah blah other legal jargon so you won’t sue me if you try intermittent fasting and have an issue from it. Okthanksloveyoubye.

Other Disclaimer, FTC et al

I occasionally use affiliate links and may earn a small commission if you use my link. That money will support my blogging efforts. And will feed my tiny baby. 😂

So click on it if you want, or just use your old pal Google and find the link yourself. I don't care.

Overall, I only ever talk about products or services I've used. I will always give my honest opinion.

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