Home workspace and desk tour

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Early last week, I decided to rearrange parts of my apartment because I felt like a change of scenery would help with productivity. Whether or not that is just an old wives tale or not, I feel like it helped! Before, I had my desk floating in the middle of the room because of the window air conditioner, but since I took that out for the winter I wanted to move my desk closer to the windows again but not directly against the windows because of glare.

So now, having the desk against a wall makes the whole working experience feel more grounded. I've always been the type to want to work and live in "caves" as my mom puts it: small, dark and cozy places. If you're thinking of a dark room with a computer geek glued to the glowing light from her monitor, that's totally me.

I was inspired by Jade's recent desk tour post and wanted to share my new at-home work area. Enjoy!

Overall Workspace

All of the furniture is still the same in my apartment. I just moved stuff around.

This may be the messiest my desk gets. I always keep a clean desk otherwise I can get very distracted or just feel bogged down by stuff.

Creative At-Home Desk and Workspace Tour - HelloBrio.com

But when I took these photos, I was in the middle of a project (or two) and wanted to depict what my desk actually looks like at any given time.

Creative At-Home Desk and Workspace Tour - HelloBrio.com

To my left, I moved my punctuation collection over a kitchen cart that I had elsewhere in my studio before. It's helpful for me to have stuff that's pleasant to look at and is design-centric, but that doesn't feel overwhelming. (Except sometimes seeing my new ukulele has proven to contribute to my shiny object syndrome.

Creative At-Home Desk and Workspace Tour - HelloBrio.com

Desk Storage

I moved around some bins that I had in my desk-specific Expedit to the large Expedit's cubbies that were close to my desk.

I used to be so hardcore about a clutter-free work area that it became unproductive since I'd have to get up constantly to grab something I needed. Having my essentials within arm's reach is hugely helpful, including pens, office supplies, books and sketchbooks.

I hope you enjoyed my desk tour. I'd love to see a picture of your home workspace!