Updated home office tour

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I just moved! My new office is very similar to how it was in my old place but it's bigger and better.

Here's how my desk is currently set up.

Home office tour 2014

The Expedit for Storage

The Expedit is still the main storage place since my desk is on skinny legs, and is on the wall opposite from my desk.


Side Table and More Storage

Next to my desk I have this side table setup for more handy storage, with a map of my favorite place (Sanibel, FL) behind it. Just found that in my parents' basement.


The Entire Room


The Bar Cart Made It


What My Desk Usually Looks Like

Yeah, so my desk isn't always clean. As I explained in my other post my desk gets messy. This is closer to what it actually looks like when I'm in the thick of projects and blogging. Sophie the Zebra looks stressed out.


I hope you enjoyed my desk and home office tour! I'd love to see what yours looks like.