The TV slowdown: 8 hours of daily TV to zero

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As I write this post, I kind offeel like a fraud because I watched maybe 22 minutes of TV yesterday (30 if you count commercials) because I tried to catch up on Grey's Anatomy while I was on the elliptical last night. But anyway.

Not too long ago, I was watching upwards of 8 hours of TV per day.

"Oh wait," you say, "so like, watching TV was your full time job?"

Well just about. I was simultaneously a stay-at-home mom and also recovering from post partum psychosis. So TV was pretty much the only beacon of hope in my life at the time (besides watching my gurgling baby son grow as quickly as a snail).

But even before my illness, I was watching a significant amount of TV.

TV was my go-to activity after work. After dinner. On the weekends.

Since then, my life changed significantly. I cancelled Netflix and I watch zero hours of TV per day.

I only watch TV when I'm on the elliptical. Which is a good motivator to work out! That said, I am about half a season behind on the two shows I'm watching (This Is Us and Grey's). So that says something about my workout habits.


Anyway, I've written a guest post over at my friend Britt's blog, Tiny Ambitions. Go check it out to see how I manage to watch absolutely zero hours of TV per day, even in a relationship, even with a toddler who begs to see Elmo on our big screen TV.

Cover photo by Sergio Ruiz