10 Reasons not to date a lifestyle blogger

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I got a kick out of Creative Bloq's recent article about 10 Reasons Not to Date a Designer and it inspired me to tell you 10 reasons why you don't want to date a blogger, specifically a lifestyle blogger or anyone of the like.

10 Reasons not to date a lifestyle blogger

1. Shopping obsessions and all of the stuff

Whether the blogger is buying things constantly to blog about them, or whether companies are sending her boxes upon boxes full of items, you're going to see her inundated with new stuff all the time. And this stuff will probably lay around until she's taken hundreds of photos of it and has blogged about it. While a blogger's life may look neat and tiny via her blog, things are usually much different behind the scenes.

2. All the photos. All the time

To a lifestyle blogger, everything is constantly being evaluated for its blog worthy-ness. Everything she sees can potentially be the next big, original, exciting blog post. So don't be surprised if she stops to take photos of storefronts, lattes, or even trash on the street. Did I mention she'll also want to take photos with her phone as well as her DSLR as well as her point-and-shoot?

Also, she has to take photos of all of the crap in #1, lest she fall behind. Because every blogger knows the best hour or two to take photos (which depends on the room, the light sources, and the time of year), you may get furrowed-brow looks when you ask her to go to the store with you during her golden hour.

One more word on photos: selfies.

3. She's expensive

Buying gifts for bloggers can get quite expensive. And not because she wants a diamond bracelet. Because she constantly wants things to help better her blog: a new DSLR, a thousand-dollar camera lens, a MacBook Air, lighting equipment, large external hard drives for all of her photos, an iPad, a mascot (a puppy)….

4. Social media frenzy

Besides blogging events, social media is the best way for a blogger to engage with her readers and the blogging community. So she'll always be updating her personal Facebook page, her blogging Facebook page, pushing out new posts on her Twitter, pinning to Pinterest, posting to Instagram, etc. Also, whether or not you like social media, you may be forced to sign up for a social media account to help boost follower counts and show support digitally.

5. Projects or days out become blog-centric

As mentioned in #2, everything is fair game for her lifestyle blog. Want to go pick out a Christmas tree? Guess what, you just signed up for a day of photography and watching her style trees and door swags in the snow to get that perfect shot.

6. Your life may become public

Unless you're a magician, you're going to end up on the blog. There are different levels of this: you will either be known as an initial ("M and I went to pick out a Christmas tree today") or you will be in every other beautiful photo on her blog, modeling your masterpiece of a holiday mantle.

7. You'll become her assistant

After the honeymoon period is over, you'll probably be asked to help. A lot. Lifestyle bloggers that hook a handyman love consider themselves extremely lucky and may consistently assign projects. Give her an inkling that you know how to work a camera? You'll become her photographer. Know the tech side of things? You'll become her web developer or IT department. Know none of these things? You will have the exciting opportunity to become an arts and crafts sous-master. Or expert Christmas-tree schlepper.

8. You'll get second dibs on the power sources

Only one free power outlet? Guess who gets it.

9. She doesn't know how to relax

So you get back from your really fun day together picking out your Christmas tree. You've survived stopping for hundreds of photos as well as possibly some note taking. All you want to do is relax together, but she heads straight to her computer with an SD card reader and starts editing photos and drafting blog posts. And when she goes to get her 7th cup of coffee for the day at 10pm, you know you'll be going to sleep by yourself.

10. She has a short attention span

Let's face it, no one's good at multitasking. It's been proven that while switching from task to task may feel productive, it actually takes your brain more time to refocus itself on one task or another. Because blogging is inherently a multitasking type of profession, your blogger friend may have developed popcorn brain (the type of mind that requires constant stimulation and instant feedback) and may leave projects unfinished or may trail off mid sent

If you're a blogger, are you guilty of any of the above? What kind of junk do you drag your significant other through?

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