My first hand lettering project

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My First Hand Lettering Project - Work in Progress -
My First Hand Lettering Project - Work in Progress -

Being a multipotentialite, there are a lot of things I'm interested in. One newfound love, which understandably builds off of my love for typography, is hand lettering. Admittedly, I'm jumping on the bandwagon a little late. It's the work of Jessica Hische that really tipped the scale. In the past few months, hand lettering has loomed in my mind as something I'd like to do, but that I was a little scared terrified of trying. Typical paralyzing perfectionism syndrome.

However, in the name of one of my words for 2014, create, I dove in head first. Turns out it was quite the right opportunity and timing to do so: my mom's birthday was quickly approaching and I re-noticed this Abraham Lincoln quote on her fridge over the holidays. It's been stuck to the fridge for years, and it perfectly embodies how my parents live. So, perfect quote combined with new desire to create and dive into hand lettering equals project time!

My first hand lettering project | Hello Brio

It was Sean McCabe who really pushed me off the diving board. He recently released a 10-step guide as a teaser to his upcoming hand lettering course. The process goes something like this

  • Find your quote
  • Write it out in plain handwriting
  • Rearrange it, placing emphasis on important words or phrases
  • Work it and develop it further

So, I did just that.


And now, I have this really fun finished product that I gave to my mom for her b'day.

I can't tell you how much joy I got from working on and finishing this project, especially since it was for my mom. I know it's a bit rough around the edges, but honestly, I'm pretty proud of my first hand lettering project. I can't wait to work on the next one!

Do you have any fun projects that you'd like to accomplish?

Cover photo by Tamarcus Brown