Intro to brush lettering: joins and letter pairs

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In today's post and video I'll show you how to draw joins and letter pairs with brush calligraphy and brush lettering. In previous posts I've talked about basic strokes and drawing individual letters, but now it's time to learn how to join these letters together so you can create beautiful seamless brush calligraphy.

Intro to Brush Lettering: Joins and Letter Pairs

Brush Lettering Joins are Easier Than You Think

When you're getting started with brush calligraphy, it can be easy to become overwhelmed with trying to make your own handwriting look like brush calligraphy that you see on people's Instagram feeds and elsewhere.

Here's the tip: brush calligraphy is not just handwriting with thick and thin strokes! (Click to tweet.)

Brush calligraphy is a series of basic strokes, strung together to make seamless words. It involves a series of basic strokes combined with pauses which will allow you to pick up your pen or writing implement and think about the next letter you're going to draw.

Most brush calligraphy joins are a series of basic strokes pasted together.

The biggest key: the tail of your previous letter will be partially masked by the heavy downstroke of your next letter. This will allow your brush calligraphy to look seamless without a bunch of pauses and pen-pick-ups.

More complex joins involve more planning ahead than tail-to-downstroke joins; some letters will be joined together with curve over-unders, or curve under-over-unders, etc. You can see what I mean by taking a peek at this demo, as well as watching this helpful video I put together.

Brush calligraphy joins are easier than you think: they just involve planning ahead and lifting up your pen in strategic places! Learn more about brush lettering at


I hope this post and video helped you understand brush calligraphy joins better. Let me know what questions you have about brush lettering and brush calligraphy in the comments below!

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