Why I quit Amazon Prime

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I quit Amazon prime for a few reasons, one particularly being the last straw. However, let me start from the beginning.

I've been a customer of Amazon's since 2002, as they proudly display on my account page. Whoa. That's a really long time.

Not sure how long I've been a Prime member. But I was drawn into their free 2-day shipping scheme easily, especially while I lived in various locations without retail nearby or easily accessible.

Plus great TV shows through Prime, like Catastrophe. Highly recommended.

Minimalism Equals Buying Less

But then I realized since I'm buying less in general, I'm buying less from Amazon, too.

While at one point I used to get packages from Amazon nearly every day, I now only get a couple a month.

And now that I've thought about it more, do I reallyneed to receive my order within 2 days (or less)? Usually the answer is no.

So for that reason, plus the fact that I'm trying to cut down on TV in general, are the main reasons why I'm cutting Amazon Prime and saving myself the $80 $100 per year.

Packaging Disappointment

One could say I'm becoming more green. For example, I'm making toilet paper the only paper product I'll buy for the home moving forward.

So when I received my tiny tiny battery in the mail today packaged in a huge box, it was easy for me to fully quit. Byebye.

I'm very happy to report that since I just automatically renewed (whoops... just missed the deadline)... Amazon is refunding me the prorated membership fee. I'm very grateful for that!

Update September 2017: It's been 2 full months since I quit Amazon Prime. I've ordered some essentials since then. And I still got free 2-day shipping. So I haven't had a chance to miss the service!

Update May 2018: An Honest Disclosure

I need to disclose what my current usage is with Amazon Prime. I realized shortly after my September '17 update that I did still have Amazon Prime because I'm connected to someone else's account. So I wasn't magically still getting free 2-day shipping. Derp.

In all truthfulness: I do still order a LOT from Amazon. Because I'm not overly wealthy, sometimes Amazon just has the best prices. The convenience is unbeatable, too. Being able to order something for us and have it show up at my door in the next couple of days is pretty magical, especially as a mom who works full time.

I struggle with using their service because the packaging situation still bothers me. However, there are ways to request your packaging gets reduced as much as possible. I recommend filling out Mama Eco's form which will help you automatically generate and send a message to Amazon.

The overhaul of online ordering is inevitable, so let's do what we can to make it as sustainable as possible.

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The more of us that send feedback about their packaging per order and overall, the better.

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