7 Ways to use hand lettering in your blog design

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I'm all about DIY graphics. Hand lettering is the perfect way to add a personal touch to your blog design which will help your blog stand out from the crowd.

There are lots of places to use hand lettering in your blog design. Here are some of my favorite ways!

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7 Ways to use hand lettering in your blog design

Create a Hand Lettered Blog Header

By creating a hand lettered blog header, you can instantly communicate to your audience: “Hey! My blog is different. It's kickass. I created my own blog header using my own hand writing—what you're looking at isn't a font!”

Once you create a hand lettered blog header, you can also use that as your blog logo wherever—on your email signature, your business cards, etc. Using your logo everywhere, no matter what it is, will help your visual branding stay cohesive. But use a hand lettered logo? Bam—it's even more unique!

→ Here's how to create your own hand lettered blog header

Customize Your Blog Post Signature

Add a personal touch to your blog posts by signing off—literally—with your signature. Creating a blog post signature that's in your handwriting is way more interesting than using one that's a font that other people can use.

I use my signature on my about page as a way to personalize it even further.

Create Unique Sidebar Buttons with Hand Lettering

If you have a sidebar on your blog, you probably have your categories listed. How cool would it be to have them stand out even more by using hand lettering to unique-ify them? I've seen a few bloggers do this, and it adds such a nice, personal touch.

You can easily take a boring list of blog categories in your sidebar and change them to something more interesting with hand lettering.

Create unique sidebar buttons by incorporating hand lettering

Use Hand Lettering On Your About Page

Add a personal touch to your about page—a page that probably gets frequent visits—by adding images of your hand lettering as section headers.

Use hand lettering on your about page and add a personal touch

Use Hand Lettering in Your Blog Post Title Images

In my opinion, when I take the time to add hand lettering to my blog post title images (the ones that get PINNED!!), I end up with a title image that's way more attractive and appealing than if I don't add a personal touch.

Here are some ways I've incorporated hand lettering into some of my title images.

Use Hand Lettering Within Your Blog Post Images

You're not limited to your title images—you can use hand lettering within your blog post images to make them more interesting!

For example, in my Make Your Own Pretty Blog Watercolor Header tutorial, I could've spruced up this image with some hand lettering to help tell the story a little better.

Watercolor image before
Watercolor picture example - after

Create Unique Downloadable Content Upgrade With Hand Lettering

Using content upgrades is an awesome way to build your email list. So, why stop there? Add hand lettering to your materials so it makes your worksheets and checklists more memorable.

On my popular post, How to Charge Freelance Clients, I made a worksheet set with hand lettering for headers. They came out nice, and they definitely stand out from the crowd of other worksheets!

Where do you use hand lettering in your blog design? Where would you like to incorporate it into your blog?

Cover photo by Emma Matthews