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14 Days to Better Blog Graphics in Photoshop - Online Course with Jenn Coyle of Hello Brio Studio

Make your blog beautiful in 14 days

…whether you know how to use Photoshop or not!

Want to make your blog look beautiful, but you don't know where to start?

Do you want to create awesome-looking blog graphics without hiring a designer?

Do you want to have a comprehensive set of graphics that speak to your blog's branding? Do you want to create your visual branding elements from scratch?

Have you always felt Photoshop is out of your reach and skillset?

You're in the right place!


Better Blog Graphics will teach you how to make your blog beautiful in just two weeks, with succinct, easy-to-follow video courses, downloadable cheat sheets, and more.

Whether you're a seasoned Photoshop user or are completely new to the program, this course will get you set up to make 14 important blog graphic elements that will make your blog look more professional, more cohesive, and just downright pretty.


This is a step by step course that takes you through creating 14 graphic elements for your blog to help make it look awesome.


I'm a designer, and even my blog was a mess for quite a while. I couldn't quite settle on a style I liked. The colors I chose didn't even feel like me… it felt like I was just emulating a bunch of different bloggers' styles, which led to a very mismatched and crazy look, and therefore a weakened visual brand identity.

Recently, I pulled together a color palette, font set, and graphical elements that are true to my own style, both personally and professionally. Now, I'm proud to call this blog my internet home!

By creating a recognizable graphic set and brand, my blog post images are instantly recognizable. And because I've solidified my blog's style guide, I've taken out a lot of the guesswork for creating new graphics for my site, which saves me a LOT of time and mental energy!


Better Blog Graphics is full of step-by-step video tutorials that will help you learn all of the best Photoshop tools and tips for bloggers.

14 Days to better blog graphics in Photoshop

What's in the course:

Better Blog Graphics focuses on deliverables instead of Photoshop basics. You'll learn all you need to learn about Photoshop in order to create 14 beautiful graphic sets and visual branding elements, including:

Color palette development that's truly you

Font selection

Your blog's header or logo, and your blog's favicon

A blog ”stamp” for all of your future images

Your blog post signature (with your own handwriting!)

Your bio portrait photo (edited so you look purrfect)

A sidebar box/button for your about page

Custom buttons for your blog categories (or whatever else you need)

Sidebar ads for your featured products or posts

Custom social media buttons

Pin-worthy blog post header images

Product collages—made easy

Your own template for PDF downloads (to help you grow your blog's mailing list)

Your complete blog style guide


This course is 100% self-paced. Whether you choose to complete the course (and have a beautiful blog) in 14 days, or over the period of several months, is completely up to you!

You will leave this course feeling good about your Photoshop skills—and you'll feel even better about the graphics you make for your blog! Here's what people are saying about my classes:

A great class, well put together, easy to follow and with awesome results, no matter your level of expertise! -Gaëlle



@jnnfrcyl Just saw your digitizing #handlettering tutorial! I usually find tutorials to be sooo boring but yours was AWESOME. 


You seriously are so GREAT at teaching, you have a gift! Excited to see more videos in the future! - Tummster7


Two thumbs up! Jennifer does an amazing job connecting to her students in a very down to earth yet completely knowledgable way. I dabble on Photoshop and Illustrator and the tips with shortcuts, lock step method instruction, and easy to follow commands were key! Thank you Jenn for all your time and effort put into such a wonderful video tutorial. - Kim


Wonderful tutorial! Finally someone who knows what they're doing and how to present it without making people suffer through endless ”ums” and “oops” :) Such a relief! Thank you! - Irina


This is a great course. It's very clear, well thought out, full of best practices and organized to make the tasks as easy as possible. Really enjoyed the class and doing the project. Jenn is a great teacher! - Julia

14 Days to better blog graphics in Photoshop

Jennifer Coyle Palandro of Hello Brio Studio

I'm Jenn Coyle Palandro, a Philadelphia-based designer and writer. ENFJ. I'll be your personal blog and website stylist—I teach creatives like you how to design unique DIY graphics. Together, we'll make your blog or business more YOU.

I've been designing unique blogs and websites since 2010.

My M.O. is good teaching—I want to give you the skills to help you make your own graphics, and I want to inspire you to do great work!

Frequently Asked Questions

I've never used Photoshop before. Will I be able to follow along?

Yep! I teach Photoshop newbies and veterans alike. I make sure to include all of the necessary steps and tips you need in order to follow along.

Hey, I don't even have Photoshop! What can I do?

Lucky for you, Photoshop offers a 30-day free trial.  

What if this doesn't work out? Can I get a refund?

Absolutely! If you finish the course and aren't seeing the results you want, then you can email me within 20 days of the course start date for a full refund.

Who is this course for?

This course is for anyone who has a website or blog. Whether you're a brand new blogger or a seasoned blogger looking to do your 10th blog redesign, I can help you create awesome graphics. DIY power!

How long do I have access to the course materials?

For life! No seriously—you'll be able to log in to the course whenever you want, for as long as you want. I won't suddenly pull the course materials out from under you.

Did I hear you're offering an affiliate commission?

That's right. Every student will receive 25% of the profits for each successful affiliate referral. So, take the class, share it with your friends, and earn some money!

Let's go! Enroll today to learn Photoshop and make your own better blog graphics in just 14 lessons.
14 Days to better blog graphics in Photoshop