The $367 Minimalist Nursery Room Tour: Decor and Setup

At the end of March Adams and I welcomed our little Nolan, aka Bebo, aka Beanie. When we bought this house, I was already a couple months pregnant.

We immediately envisioned painting the nursery grey (the old color was a soft pink, but whether we had a boy or a girl we wanted the nursery to be gender-neutral). The painted nursery sat empty or in various states of disorganization for longer than I care to admit, but now it's a beautiful and simple solution for our newborn son and us as new parents.

Make sure to download your free printable nursery art by clicking the button at the bottom of this blog post! This artwork was drawn especially for Nolan's nursery by his dad, Adams.

Being IKEA fans, we decorated and furnished the nursery with everything-IKEA, and we did it all for a total out-of-pocket of $367.

If you were to re-create this nursery from scratch, you'd end up paying about $1,000 more. We had a few items gifted to us, and the sofa and ottoman are from my old studio apartment.

Enjoy the nursery tour! 

The $367 minimalist nursery room tour and breakdown of everything we needed to get set up for our first baby
Hello from tiny little Nolan!

Hello from tiny little Nolan!


The nursery

Around my 5th or 6th month of pregnancy, we really got started on the nursery. At that point, my parents gifted the crib and crib mattress to us, and we'd already painted the room.

I did this quick 3d rendering in SketchUp so I could see if the sofa would fit in the room with the crib set up. The door at the bottom-left is the entrance into the room, and the other door at the bottom of the rendering is the door to the closet.

We were pleased with the result, so we built the crib (IKEA Sundvik in white) and kept the sofa in the room (IKEA Ektorp).

Here's what you see when you walk in: the crib, the sofa, and the changing table.

I love the little spice rack shelves we painted, they turned out great as a place to display books and little friends. The clock is a digital (non-ticking) wall clock, which I'm SO happy about.

The artwork was created by Adams specifically for Nolan's room. Adams is a pilot-in-training of sorts, and we wanted to make sure Nolan's aviation-themed room worked in a couple different places.

Here's the breakdown so far for the loveseat area, where the single *'s means pre-existing, and double **'s means gifted to us.

We were so lucky to have so many wonderful things gifted to us via parents and family and friends. If any of you are reading this, thank you again SO much!

  • IKEA Ektorp loveseat in Nordvalla gray, $479*
  • IKEA Ektorp Footstool in Nordvalla gray, $149*
  • IKEA Bekväm spice rack x4, $4 each
  • Digital wall clock from Amazon, $15
  • IKEA Ribba frames in white x3, $7 each
  • IKEA Årstid floor lamp, $40*
  • Throw pillows from Marshalls, $20*
  • Knitted blankets by my friend Natalie and my mom*

Our total cost so far: $48

Total cost from scratch so far: $736

The crib

The crib area is pretty simple. As I write this, a couple of things have changed from these pictures; for example, I finally figured out where the monitor camera is supposed to go, and where we have it in this picture is WRONG, so don't mount your monitor camera there please! Also, we now have (one more Adams original) art hanging above the crib.

I love having the super inexpensive dresser by the door. It works really well as a place to put things that need to come in or out of the room, like empty bottles, folded (tiny) clothes, the monitor, etc. We did the right thing and mounted this sucker to the wall, since these dressers can tip over pretty easily because of their shallow base.

Under the crib I put two inexpensive tubs for extra diapers, wipes, and anything else we don't need right away. I saw this on Pinterest somewhere along the line and decided it'd be an excellent way to maximize space in our tiny nursery.

Here's the breakdown. Again * means pre-existing, and ** means gifted to us:

Our cost: $185

Cost from scratch: $454

The closet

The closet was a mess for the longest time. It's much more organized today than it is in these pictures, but this gives you the basic idea of how I have the closet set up.

In here, I took a 2x2 IKEA Expedit and got white boxes to organize Bebo's clothes into four categories:

  • Long sleeve onesies and full footed outfits
  • Short sleeve onesies and shirts
  • Swaddlers and nightgowns
  • Pants

We were fortunate to receive a TON of gently used little boy clothing from a friend. I also used this system to organize all of the gifted clothes we got at my baby shower.

On the top of the Expedit I keep swaddlers, receiving blankets, and burp cloths. I also now keep his carseat on the top surface. The Twist & Fold gym that you see in the above picture is now in use (Bebo loves this toy!).

On the top level of the closet, I keep extra breastpumping supplies and other misc clothing items.

Here's the breakdown for the closet. * means it already existed, ** means it was gifted to us.

  • IKEA Expedit in white (Now Kallax), $35*
  • IKEA Dröna box in white, 5x $5
  • IKEA Skubb box set of 6 in white, $8
  • Everything else in these pictures were gifted to us or were hand-me-downs

Our cost: $33

Cost from scratch: $68

The changing table

I was headstrong about a changing table for quite a while: I didn't want to get one at all. I thought we'd be okay without one, and could just use mats on top of the ottoman. That didn't last very long.

Fortunately IKEA had a changing table solution in place for a very inexpensive price: The Sniglar changing table is a mere $35 and does the trick. I have a DIY coming up for the custom changing table pad that isn't yet shown in these pictures, too. For a long time, I just used a fluffy towel underneath a changing pad, and that worked just fine.

I love how multi-purpose the changing table is: it holds diapers, changing table pads, as well as Bebo's noise machine and a hair dryer (an awesome trick to help prevent diaper rash from my friend Stephanie).

The breakdown:

Our cost: $101

From scratch: $151

That's it for now! Hope you liked my budget nursery tour. Here's the full breakdown again, where * is pre-existing and ** was a gift or was given to us. Scroll down to the bottom to download the printable nursery room art for free.

Our cost total: $367

Total cost from scratch: $1,409

Free printable art by Adams Eberwein for Hello Brio - flyingcarcrash

As promised, here are the 3 free art pieces by Adams. Click the button to have the art sent to your inbox so you can print them out and enjoy the pieces, too. Make sure to follow Adams on Instagram for more similar art!

If you end up using Adams' art in your nursery, please comment below with pictures. We'd love to see his art in use!

Do you have a budget or minimalist nursery you'd like to share? Comment below!