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How to Be More Productive By Focusing on What You’ve Already Done

The Done List: A way to celebrate your accomplishments and boost productivity

Forget the To-Do list. Productivity and happiness heavily influence each other. I spend a lot of time thinking about productivity and happiness. Together or separate, one heavily influences the other. If you’re not productive, your happiness may dwindle. And if you’re not happy, you may not feel like being productive. In a lot of ways, … Continue Reading →

How to Set Up a Self Hosted WordPress Blog in 4 Easy Steps


When talking about choosing a blogging platform, I recommend Self Hosted WordPress as the way to go. Because of its flexibility and power, a self hosted WordPress blog help you achieve your blogging goals and can give you room for growth and change with a relatively small investment. Recently I’ve talked a lot about how … Continue Reading →

WordPress for beginner bloggers: General Settings and Branding

bunny thinking of starting a wordpress blog

When you’re getting started with WordPress versus other blogging platforms, the settings available can feel overwhelming because of the sheer quantity of choice. Within the Settings menu, there are five major categories for settings that should be looked at first, before starting to blog. Some of these settings are important to get right the first … Continue Reading →

Change scenery for a new perspective

hershey pa

There’s something to be said for changing your scenery in order to help you get more done, feel more creative, and become inspired. Living in center city Philadelphia, I can┬áleave my apartment any time and park myself at a coffee shop so I can get more work done. If I’m really feeling bold, I can … Continue Reading →

What to do with your old awkward blog photos

Awkward! Sorry!

If you’ve been blogging for a while, you may or may not be aware of your early posts. You know them. The ones that would probably make you cringe if you re-read them or looked at how they were formatted within your fresh blog design. I mean yeah, I have quite a few myself. Ignorance … Continue Reading →

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