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Welcome to Hello Brio. I'm Jenn Coyle, the designer and illustrator behind this site.

Hello Brio is a place for creatives to learn and be inspired. I publish helpful tutorials, ebooks and courses that focus on illustration, hand lettering and design. I believe with passion and efficiency, great things can happen. I write about life, love, dating, minimalism, habits, and productivity. New Bullet Journaler.

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Brio (noun): vigor or vivacity of style

Learn with me

I love to share my knowledge. Here are some various topics I teach.

Learn how to digitize your artwork and hand lettering

Learn how to digitize your artwork and hand lettering

Learn all about brush calligraphy and lettering

Learn all about brush calligraphy and lettering

Create your own repeating patterns for surface pattern design

Create your own repeating patterns for surface pattern design

Make your own hand-drawn font

Make your own hand-drawn font

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More about me


Who am I? I'm a Philadelphia-based designer and illustrator who went full-time entrepreneur in the fall of 2015. I'm passionate about design, branding, illustration, and teaching you about all of the above. I can't get enough of doodles, watercolor, surface pattern design, and quirky hand lettering. I got started early with web stuffโ€”my first website was on Geocities (good times). But really, I started blogging again in 2010 about a variety of topics and finally landed on design.

Fun facts: I live with my wonderful boyfriend, Adams, right outside of Philadelphia. We're expecting our first baby! I have a degree in Interior Design; I don't use it. I'm mildly allergic to peanuts. I play the ukulele. Fueled by burritos and pizza. I've watched The Office at least 4x through. I'm a published author of Online Dating Done Right. Things that rock my socks: minimalism, running, carbs, beer, reading, designing fonts, puppies, indie music and films. Want to know more about the lady behind the blog? Follow me on Twitter and my personal instagram.

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Elsewhere: In addition to this blog, I also contribute classes to Skillshare and I sell design goodies and fonts on Creative Market.

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