When do you draw? Unplug and make it happen

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When do you draw? Here's how to unplug and make it a habit - HelloBrio.com
When do you draw? Here's how to unplug and make it a habit - HelloBrio.com

Draw more.

Those are words that appear frequently in my "let me try some new lettering style" repertoire. Since upping my drawing, I notice that I start to go through withdraw if I don't draw or letter for a couple of days.

As a society, we're all so plugged in all the time. I am guilty of letting the Netflix tornado take me away, as a way to "unplug" from being on the computer all day. And by that I mean that I've noticed I've been slipping into old habits of:

  • checking my phone right when I wake up, or
  • holding my phone in my hand while I walk down the street, or
  • letting each phone ding grab my attention right away, or
  • having multiple tabs open on my computer and feeling unfocused

I've talked about ways outsmart your smartphone and how I've been able to harness all of my energy to complete a difficult project while working from home. I know all of the rules and tricks, but it's always helpful to remind yourself.

So, when it comes to unplugging, it's helpful to turn to paper.

A good way to close out on the final page in my Moleskine

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Turn off your computer. Turn off the TV. Put your phone on Do Not Disturb. Listen to music if you have to, just make sure that a notification won't slip past the sound waves.

Find the best time to create - whether that means drawing, crafting, practicing calligraphy, whatever. For me, it's right after breakfast or right before bed. These are perfect times to unwind and relax by shifting your brain power.

If you share your artwork, try to refrain from whipping out your phone to take pictures until you've gotten a solid block of unplugged time in.

Dive in. Pretty soon the unplugged-creation-zone habit will be in place, and I guarantee you'll feel more balanced and accomplished. Heck, you may even sleep better.

Microns say draw more.

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How do you unplug?

Cover photo by Tim Wright