Natural DIY all purpose cleaner: no bleach or harsh chemicals

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I hate cleaning the shower and bathtub.

It's so dumb. Because I really don't mind cleaning the sinks. The toilets. The floors. The area around the bathtub.

But the bathtub itself? I considered hiring a professional cleaner monthly just for the bathtubs and nothing else. (Turns out a pro cleaner won't do a job this small, merp.)

Natural DIY Products for Cleaning and Disinfecting

Natural DIY Cleaner

Not only are cleaning recipes easy, they're also CHEAP. Like, not only will you be saving the world by not using harsh chemicals and causing those chemicals to end up in our waterways, you'll also save some CASH.

Here are things you'll need for a natural, all-purpose cleaner.





  1. Boil your water (or pop open your gallon of distilled water). It's important to do this so your water is clean and disinfected. Your solution will last longer this way.
  2. Gather the essential oils you want to use. In my kit, I used Pine Needles and Lavender for shits and giggles. (I didn't really think about what I was using… which I know is sacrilege for some folks… I just chose a blend of stuff that smelled good to me at the moment.)
  3. Prep your spray bottle. This may involve just opening the top, or cleaning it out if you used it before.
  4. Mix your stuff: Use one part water, one part vinegar, and 10-20 drops of essential oil.
  5. Shake it up and use it!

Some Notes:

Make sure not to use this on marble or granite. The vinegar is acidic and may damage those soft stone surfaces. If you're unsure about it, just test your cleaning solution in an inconspicuous location.

Shake it each time before you use it. This will help disburse the crap in there so you're not just getting one ingredient.

Use your mixture within a few weeks. Because there are no preservatives, the cleaner will go bad. If it ever feels really slippery, just dump it out, clean your bottle, and make a new batch.

A bigger Nearo Waste win? Use your cleaner with a sustainable cleaning tool, like rags that you can sanitize in the wash, or a wooden scrub brush that will compost and biodegrade at the end of its life cycle. (This wooden scrub brush from Wild Minimalist is awesome at getting super gross stuff out of tubs! Use code HONEYRULE for 10% off orders of $50 or more.)


For funsies, and for sanity's sake, label your bottle!

If you want to make sure not to spray weird shit in weird places, label your bottles. I got these fun brown craft paper sticky labels on Amazon.


What are some of your favorite natural DIY cleaning recipes? Share below in the comments!