My minimal bullet journal accessories

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Hi guys! It's been a while since I talked about my bullet journal. Like three or four months—but I assure you I'm still very obsessed with keeping my life and business recorded in the bujo!

In the few months since I started using my bullet journal, a Leuchtthurm 1917, I've come up with a small gathering of accessories that I'd like to share with you. Scroll down to the bottom of the post for the quick walk-through video.

Minimal travel accessories for the bullet journal

The Pen: Pilot G2 05 in black or blue

Somewhere in my life, I became very attached to the Pilot G2 pens. For bullet journaling, I typically use black, but I've been trying to use up the blue ones I found in my stash. The color doesn't matter so much, but the 05 tip size ("extra fine point") is what I really like. The pen usually stays stuffed in the pages somewhere, or with the holder stuck in the elastic of my bullet journal.


Forgot to mention the post-it notes in the back of my bullet journal. I love having these around because sometimes I'll take messy notes on them, while other times I will create a movable task list that needs to be done in the future, and will move it forward in my bullet journal as many times as needed (without having to re-write a list). In the Getting Things Done (GTD) world, they're called "someday" tasks.

I keep a few short stacks of post-its in the back of my bullet journal so I can grab one quickly.

Short stacks of post it notes are a great way to travel with extra paper without having to pack more

Favorite bullet journal washi tape and masking sticker supplies

As much as I like to keep a minimal journal, having washi and pretty masking tape stickers on hand help me stay organized. I will use a strip of washi tape as a way to find an important spread quickly by taping the edge, or to highlight an area of my bullet journal that I want to stand out while flipping through the journal. Jessica from Pretty Prints and Paper sent me this particular collection of washi tape. I love how she used an old gift card to make the washi travel-friendly.

Washi tape wrapped around an old gift card is the perfect bullet journal travel companion without being bulky

The masking sticker set is something I ordered on a whim from Amazon, but it turns out that this masking set is so multi-functional and nice and small for travel. I use the masking tape to cover up mistakes, to highlight, and to create a quick tab in my journal.

A masking sticker set helps keep you organized and highlight important notes in your bullet journal

Correction tape

Correction tape is my sanity. I'd like to be the type of person to make a mistake and scribble it out, but I function way better if things aren't crossed out and if things look neat. I bought these Bic correction tapes as a way to keep my bullet journal looking clean. I've even purchased several of these to keep one in each desk (upstairs and downstairs desk).

Correction tape is a must-have for perfectionists and their bullet journal planners
Bullet journal minimal travel accessories include washi tape, correction tape, masking stickers, and a pilot g2 pen

So there you have it: my minimal bullet journal supplies! What do you always carry with you for your planner?

Cover photo via Kelly Jean