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Getting Started with Brush Lettering

Do you want to learn brush lettering, but have no idea how to begin?

This book was designed to be a guide for you. There are so many other great resources out there, but this book was designed to be a comprehensive guide so you can find all your answers in one spot.

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In the e-book, we’ll go over all of the basic materials you’ll need, diving into the different pen types, paper types, accessories that may make your life easier, and even how to store your pens and keep your materials organized. 

Next, we’ll talk about brush lettering basics, including strokes needed to create common letterforms. I’ll go over brush lettering anatomy and will teach you how to set up your paper so you can practice easily. 

Getting Started with Brush Lettering - Printable practice sheets

Within this book you’ll be able to practice uppercase and lowercase letters, learn drills to help you get used to a new pen, and practice drills for joins and letter pairs.

Finally, we will touch on next steps for your brush lettering journey, including transforming your letter styles to make them your own.

We’ll also talk about how to turn your passion for brush calligraphy into a career by creating commissioned art or digitizing your work and selling it online.

Here are some sample pages so you can see how awesome this book truly is 😁 Click to zoom in.

Kind Words

I’ve purchased this book and cannot say HOW AMAZING IT IS 🤘🙌💕🎉!!!!!!!! I’ve purchased a few brush lettering books since I’ve started my Lettering journey. This is by far the most in depth, and helpful one I’ve found 😄
— Kristen Kerner
Love your style and tutorials and tips! Thank you! So helpful for a beginner.
— @iactuallyrun
Bought a great book about brush lettering by @hellobrio. It’s actually exactly what I was looking for. A real guide to getting past the basics.
— Mark McConachie @markmcconachie

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