Design Your Beautiful Blog - Free Email Course

Have you always wanted to learn how to design and create your own unique blog graphics—namely your blog logo and header? Now you can do just that. Sign up for the free email course!

Design Your Beautiful Blog was created with bloggers in mind. Being able to design your own graphics, especially for your blog and online presence, is a powerful skill to have in your tool belt. 

Knowing how to design and make your own blog graphics makes you quick on your feet, helps solidify your visual brand, and therefore helps you stand out amongst all of the tons of blogs out there. And there are TONS—and new ones keep popping up all the time!


How do you make your blog stand out?


Personalization is key these days. For any DIY master, adding a personal touch to your blog will bring its branding to the next level. But how do you get started?

Are you a blogger, and want to make your blog stand out, but aren't sure how? Are you a designer, and want to boost your skills in hand lettering and digital illustration, but you can't find the right tutorials?


It's time to learn how to Design Your Beautiful Blog! 

Design Your Beautiful Blog is a free email course that will deliver valuable lessons directly to your inbox. You will learn key methods to branding your blog so it matches your personalityYou will learn how to create a beautiful hand-drawn logo, a hand lettered blog header, and a blog logo stamp all in Photoshop. The course is completely free! Learn cool hand lettering techniques and boost your digitizing skills in this free course.


Here's what you'll learn in the free course!

Design Your Beautiful Blog  - Free Email Course on
In this free Design Your Beautiful Blog course, I'll show you why you need to have a strong visual brand for your blog. I'll walk you through creating a blog logo. Then, we'll work to create a hand-drawn blog header (yes, a blog logo is vastly different than a blog header!). These graphics will automatically give you a 100% personalized blog design to help you stand out from the crowd.

We'll also discuss why your current blog design may suck (and why mine did, too), but I promise you: you have the skills and the passion to create your own blog graphics.

Finally, I'l teach you a sweet Photoshop hack so you can watermark and claim ownership of your current and future blog photos in no time at all.

Wait, so who's teaching this course?

Jenn Coyle of Hello Brio Studio

I'm Jenn Coyle Palandro, a Philadelphia-based designer and illustrator. ENFJ.

I live for funky-cute illustration styles and have a passion for typography.

Fun facts: I have a degree in Interior Design; I don't use it. I'm mildly allergic to peanuts. I play the ukulele. Fueled by burritos and pizza. I've watched The Office at least 4x through. Things that rock my socks: beer, brunch, pens, puppies, and indie music and films.