The deep declutter

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It can take years to mentally gear yourself up for a Deep Declutter. So yeah. I've moved 6 times in the past 4 years. I've had a lot of opportunities to declutter, and I've taken advantage of that every time.

But there are some things that stick around. That manage to be moved from house to house over time.

You know, the stuff you swore you wouldn't be sentimental over because, well, they just don't matter anymore.

  • A wedding dress and engagement ring from a failed marriage
  • A bunch of handwritten journals you've kept since college
  • Boxes of developed photos since before you had a digital camera

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Last week I was let go from my job. (Don't worry, I was ecstatic in a really weird way.) During my funemployment week, I decided I would do a deep declutter. Really get into the depths of my past and get rid of the stuff that I was holding onto for no good reason. Physically make room for the things and the people that are 10x more important to me.

My game plan? Sell the dress to a Plato's Closet or something of that nature. I don't need to get top dollar for it. I just want it gone. Plus there's no way it will fit me anymore after Beans!


The rings? Sell them on Worthy or sell them at a jewelry store.


The journals? Scan and pack into Evernote. (On another note, I'm reading them as I go… and I've been through some weird shit.)

The photos? Scan and pack into Photos. Try to date them as best I can.

The result: I'll be physically and emotionally lighter. Can't beat that.

Plus, I'm learning some very interesting things about my college-age self as I re-read my journals.

What are some things you're holding onto that would need to be let go in a Deep Declutter? Share on Instagram or Twitter with #DeepDeclutter

Cover photo by Kari Shea