What is your word for 2015?

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Last year I chose three words for 2014: Create, Ignite, and Reflect. Let me pause to explain the 3-word or 1-word thing.

I haven't made nor do I believe in New Years Resolutions: putting a start time on a goal is more of an excuse not to start today. The concept words of a year will weave themselves in and out of your real life, breathing purpose and energy into everything you do. Resolutions tend to feel like threats and shoulds.

What's your word for 2015?

Okay, back to my 3 words for 2014.

All three of those did me quite well this year. I created a platform for my hand lettering and illustration passions and posted new works on Instagram nearly daily since the summer, and yes, doodled like a madwoman as I'd hoped. 

Ignite is the blurriest of the three words I chose. I feel like most of 2014 was setting me up for a real launch for this coming year, so ignite is carrying forward.

I checked in with myself regularly in 2014 and made sure I was reflecting upon important moments and situations, and thought heavily on what was making me happy and what wasn't. This heavy reflection has launched me into a whole slew of changes for 2015, including a new job and a new apartment with a growing relationship.

After reading Holly's 2015 word of "content" (as in contentment, not blog content), I started to consider what my word would be for 2015. I commented on her post with "Growth", and after sitting on that word for a few days I am going to go ahead with it.

Because my 2014 words pushed me into a new realm, 2015 is going to be about growing where I'm planted:

  • Settling in at a new job where I'll be working in an office for the first time in almost 2 years.
  • Continued learning about a career I'm so thrilled to dive into: design.
  • Nesting in a new beautiful apartment with a wonderful person.
  • Exploring my new (non center city Philadelphia) town and figuring out how to be a good suburbanite again. (Luckily the train to Philly is within walking distance.)

Moving day will have already happened by the time this is posted, and as I sit here in a mostly-packed apartment I feel a buzz and excitement for taking lots of big next steps in my life, all of which feel so right.

Grow where you are planted.

Growth in 2015 is perfect.

It also serves my low hum of words from 2014 in that I hope to keep creating and engaging in the illustration world, I hope to fly with my new job in design, and I hope to keep in touch with myself through all of these big steps and stay balanced by reflecting. Plus, I hope to never stop growing and improving, as cheesy as that sounds.

What is your word (or words) for 2015?

Cover photo by Oskars Sylwan