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About Jenn

Everything in a nutshell

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Hello Brio Studio is a Philadelphia-based lifestyle and design blog written by me, Jennifer Coyle, with a focus on living beautifully and purposefully. I also own Hello Brio Studio, a one-woman web and blog design shop.

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A little about Jenn

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I’m an INFJ, and while it’s the least common Myers Briggs personality, it’s quite prevalent in the blogging world.

I love: Philadelphia, minimalism, running, carbs, beer, reading, typography, taking pictures of everything, puppies, emotional indie films.

I don’t love: fruit, dust, taking cabs, sitting doing nothing, being told what I should do.

A lot about Jenn

Oh the story. Let’s say it started with an obsession with Geocities and then it grew from there.

I’ve been in tune with the internet since dial-up. Like, sign on to Prodigy and listen for the sweet sonds of neee-nerrr neee-nerrr ping kshhhhh. At the time, I was probably 11 or 12. And now you know how old I am, with some quick Googling and math.

Geocities came along. I had a bit of a desire to start my own site. I think my first one was helping people create these cutesy avatars, one painful pixel at a time, in Paint. (I used to be on a PC, back in the day when that was the only viable option.) I can’t even find a picture of these avatars by searching, but it was generally around the time that the Spice Girls were huge. Unrelated pop culture reference.

Since then I’ve stumbled from one thing to another, searching for my passion, as a lot of us do in life. I went from wanting to be a princess, a teacher, then jumped to microbiologist, then to psychologist, etc.

I spent some years in college in Boston as a psychology major and went on my first internship to learn about working in the industrial / organizational psychology field. While I was on that internship, I spent most of my time researching what it would take to move to warmer weather and go to school for Interior Design.

After three days — literally 72 hours — of living in a school in southern Georgia, I withdrew. Like straight up booked out of there. Moved in on a Friday, moved out on a Monday. Didn’t even attend one class. It just didn’t feel right.

I immediately moved back to Philadelphia, thanks to my loving parents who stuck around in southern Georgia over the weekend on the off chance that I changed my mind. They still say they were just vacationing while they were down there, but I think both them and I knew what was going to happen that fateful weekend. Also they didn’t want me to stay there either.

I applied to Drexel and Phila U for Interior Design and after a semester at community college, managed to transfer into Drexel. The courses there were fantastic and it was a great program. During my internship at Drexel at an architecture and engineering firm, I felt pretty darn good about it.

Then I just had to graduate in early 2009. Right in 2008 as many people got laid off. Awesomesauce. The job landscape for newly graduated Interior Designers didn’t look so hot.

I did manage to land another interior design job slash project coordinator job for a bit, but then in a whirlwind of life changes I moved to southern California. In being uprooted from friends and family and having extra time on my hands, I discovered the world of beauty blogging and vlogging. Embarrassingly, I started a channel. But it was the first time that blogging really stuck for me.

While creating my site, I designed graphics for myself and for my blog. Then I started to design for other beauty bloggers. Things just took off from there in terms of me really discovering that I love graphic design and how it marries my two active brain sides: the analytical (coding) and the artistic (design).

Where it will go from here, I’m not sure, but do we ever really know?

Some FAQ’s – let’s do this

Brio means vigor or vivacity of style. When plugged into a thesaurus, it means: animation, bounce, dash, energy, life, liveliness, spiritedness, verve, vigor, vim, vivacity, zest, zip.

Yes, I renamed it! You’ll still find some beauty product reviews but Hello Brio will be focused more on living life in a purposeful and meaningful way, and will talk about design, creativity and blogging.

Most of the time, I use my iPhone 4S. When I have time, I use my recently-purchased Canon Rebel T4i, but I’m still learning how to use it, so you’ll see more photos from this camera as this blog grows. Earlier photos are taken on my Canon Elph Powershot 300HS, which I reviewed here.

Absolutely! Visit my design services page to see what I do and how much it costs, and then fill out the questionnaire at the bottom if you want to work together.

HostGator.com. That is an affiliate link, but I wouldn’t recommend them if I didn’t love their service. HostGator’s customer service reps are awesome — they’ve helped me figure out everything from the most basic issue to the most complicated.

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