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Welcome, Hand Letterers!

Lettering League is comprised of tens of thousands of passionate hand letterers and calligraphers like you whose goals are to learn, practice, improve, share work, and grow.

Wherever you are in your lettering journey: whether you're a hobbyist, aspiring professional, or seasoned veteran, Lettering League is the place where you can collaborate, get answers to technical questions, and learn how to grow your business so you can make money doing what you love.

Join in on the discussions on Facebook and Instagram to learn new techniques, find out about the best tools and supplies, and get feedback on your work.


About Lettering League

Lettering League’s purpose is to support your journey with hand lettering. This strong and passionate community continues to grow every day and is currently at about 200,000 members.

If you’re here, chances are you love hand lettering. Whether you’ve seen some cool images on Pinterest, do practice drills daily, have an Instagram account dedicated to lettering, or make a living doing calligraphy for others, this group was made specifically for you.

No matter what your favorite medium is: from watercolor to Procreate to pencil sketches, you will find a home with fellow Lettering League members.


Jenn Coyle Palandro

I’m Jenn Coyle Palandro, and I founded Lettering League in 2014. Like you, I discovered hand lettering online and became a sponge of information, dabbling with different tools and techniques. Shortly after I started learning, I found I wanted to give back by teaching others. To go along with that, I created Lettering League to be a supportive and active community of letterers.

I upload videos to YouTube, host classes on Skillshare, and blog about it all.

A little about me: I’m a UI/UX designer during the day. I’m married to Chris and we live in the suburbs of Philadelphia. I’m mom to Beans, and soon will be a mom of two boys! I love intentional living (things like minimalism, mindfulness, yoga, meditation, and lifelong learning). I probably think about burritos more than the average person. Anyway….

Lettering League expanded to be bigger than I ever thought possible. I’m glad to have you here.



Lettering League Legacy Members

The Lettering League wouldn’t be where it is today without the help of these fantastic Legacy Members. These wonderful folks were admins for the Facebook group and the Instagram account and helped grow the community tremendously. Please check out their work!


Emma • Meraki Lettering Co

Emma is a student and avid lettering artist. She first began lettering in 2015, using Pinterest posts as models. She quickly grew her skills and boldness in creating her own layouts over the next year. Emma started a business in late 2016. She loves brush lettering of all sorts, but is especially fond of large-scale projects not on paper, like wood signs, chalk art, and wall murals.