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Here is the info I'll definitely need from you:

  • Your blog post, 1,200+ words, written in Google Docs or a plain text document
  • At least one original photo, 700px wide.
  • A headshot, at least 300px wide.
  • A short bio about you and/or your blog, fun facts, etc.
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FAQ and Important Information:

Self-promotion: Please refrain from self-promotion for products or services within the body of your article. 

Photo standards: photos must be taken with a digital camera or a high resolution camera phone. All photos sent to me will become property of hellobrio.com and may be cropped and edited for quality purposes. Photos must be at least 700px wide and 72dpi resolution.

Property and Ownership: The blog post and all of its content submitted by you is property of hellobrio.com. Please do not re-post any part of the article in its published form on your blog or elsewhere without my permission. I may include affiliate links within the post for products mentioned. These may provide commission for me to help support hellobrio.com. I reserve the right to edit or modify submitted text as I see fit. I will strive to keep the content the same but may edit for spelling, grammar, etc.

Sharing the post: Promotion is not necessary, but I will ask that if you're interested, to please post a link to the article on your social media platforms.

FYI: I will only host guest posts for fellow bloggers. If you would like me to publish a post, it needs to have external links only to personal blogs/ personal social media sites. Any links to external non-blog sites will be removed.

If you have additional questions, please email me!