New Skillshare class: watercolor meets surface pattern design

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I'm so excited to be teaming up with Skillshare for the third time this year. Today I launched my new class, Watercolor Meets Surface Pattern Design.

New Skillshare class: Watercolor meets surface pattern design

In the class, I walk you through brainstorming, drawing and creating watercolor motifs. Then, we do some digitizing magic in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator—vectorized watercolor is quite beautiful!

Finally, we work to create one or many seamless repeating patterns using the vectorized watercolor motifs. The class stresses the choice of unique, not-your-average motifs—make this class your own and have fun with it!

The New Year is a perfect time to re-evaluate your goals, make new habits, and learn something new. Enroll in my newest Skillshare class to boost your watercolor, digitizing and vectorizing, or surface pattern design skills (or all of the above!).

Here's a preview of the projects you'll make in this class:

Create unique watercolor doodles, then learn how to digitize them in Adobe Illustrator to turn them into seamless repeating patterns for surface pattern design
Learn to vectorize watercolor doodles and turn them into a seamlessly repeating pattern in Jenn Coyle's newest Skillshare class.

As always, I'd love feedback about the course, and also please share the course with your friends.

Click to enroll: Watercolor Meets Surface Pattern Design