10 more hand lettering artists to follow on Instagram

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draw more hand lettering jnnfrcyl instagram
draw more hand lettering jnnfrcyl instagram

As I produce more hand lettering, I am starting to find my stride. And I am also really inspired by hand lettering artists and designers all over the internet, but the lettering community on Instagram continues to be the most exciting.

As a follow-up to my 10 best hand lettering creatives on Instagram post, here are 10 more folks that I highly recommend you follow as well.

What I've been up to in hand lettering

Before I jump in, let me say that the past month of lettering and learning more about calligraphy has been a really fun one. I'm proud of what I accomplished so far and am looking forward to improving even more. Below are some pieces that I'm particularly proud of.

I should also mention that my Instagram is now dedicated mostly to lettering and illustration, and I revamped this site to reflect my lettering and illustration portfolio.


Onto some of my new favorite hand lettering artists to follow on Instagram.



delightinrain describes herself as an "aspiring" lettering artist, but I'd like to vote that she's no longer aspiring. Her calligraphic works are beautiful and quirky and the illustrations she includes are charming.

Christopher Craig


christophercraig_'s work is bold, clean, and Micron heavy. I adore his flourishes and willingness to experiment with multiple styles.

Jordy Lievers


Inkaboutit has beautiful calligraphic lettering pieces and does custom orders for folks. I love the loose and amoebic forms that her quotes take.

Katia Naval


Katia instagrams under thedesignhobbyist and is constantly updating with beautiful calligraphy and lettering. And also some sweet pen shots.

Kevin Murray


Kevin of itsmytype is a beginner hand letterer like myself and it's so exciting to see people grow while you're growing as well.

Lauren Hom


homsweethom just released the hilarious Daily Dishonesty book. I absolutely adore her aesthetic and feminine lettering charm combined with witty quotes.

Lily Ung


lily_ung's bold lettering aesthetic is mixed in with artsy portraits and design-happy photographs.

Melvin Leidelmeijer


It's fun to see the talented melvinfl's Instagram account grow in followers so quickly. His strong and confident lettering is inspiring to say the least.

Tim Bontan


bijdevleet's recognizable style is exciting to see in my Instagram feed. He frequently puts his original works up for auction on his account and mixes it in with progress shots.

Tristan Kromopawiro


Lastly, phonoric is great to follow because of his videos to see how he works with brush pens. I can watch him write Hello over and over.

Have I missed anyone? What hand lettering or calligraphy artists do you follow on Instagram?

Cover photo by bruce mars