Tips to building a personal brand through Instagram

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Building your personal brand isn’t exactly something left to beauty gurus and YouTube sensations. It’s no longer just a trend, it’s become an essential element of business and personal promotion. Maybe you’ve been thinking about building one yourself, but it feels overwhelming. Thankfully, building a brand through Instagram specifically, is actually pretty easy and really fun!

How to build a personal brand on Instagram | Hello Brio Creative Business

Tip #1 : Find Your Niche

The answer to a single question informs all your content and visuals you post on your account, “What can you offer people?” To answer it, you’ve really got to think about what your passions are and what value you can bring to your viewers. For example, when you visit Julie Houts’ account you know she’s all about sassy and intelligent commentary through visual art. Try writing down words that describe what your expertise. Maybe it’s in graphic design, sales, or fashion. Then write words that communicate your values like inspirational, charitable or ambitious. Combine the two and you’ve got a niche! Maybe it means you’re inspirational viewers with sustainable fashion or pushing business owners to be ambitious about their dreams. Whatever your niche, use it as the starting point to your posts, bio and stories.

Bonus Tip: Check out the example below from Kacee DeWit, a young blogger who combines style, success and sustainability in all her posts.

Kacee Dewitt Instagram Branding

Tip #2 : Post Consistent Content

Once you’ve decided what you’re here to give the world and what words you use to scream it from the Instagram mountain tops, you need a schedule. Organization isn’t exactly sexy, but it is necessary. Try planning out your posts for about two weeks out. Intentionality with post planning will help you curate photos, captions and hashtags that communicate your values well. Use your niche as the filter for deciding if a post makes the cut or not. Planning will also help you pump out content consistently. Followers like being able to count on you for bringing them hot and fresh content. If possible, post every day of the work week. Anything less than three days a week will not help your visibility.

Bonus Tip: Apps like UnUm and Planoly are helpful in planning.

Tip #3 : Beautiful Content

Social media is obviously a highly visual platform and the goal is to get people to take lingering looks. If you can entice them into double tapping that heart, sharing your post or leaving a comment, that’s even better. Feeds that feel cohesive and somewhat intentional capture attention- therefore this is your goal. Simply take/find photos with a repetitive color palette (choose up to 5 for the best consistency). Throw those photos into the VSCO app and add your favorite filter formula every time. It’s really that easy. An quick way to find the look and formula you want is to plug in “VSCO filter” to Pinterest and away you go! Every photo will need a little tweaking as it won’t be taken in the same light, but with practice it becomes easier. In the end, beautiful content is about attracting attention and making that attention actionable.

Bonus Tip: Here’s an instructional video on the basics.

Katlyn Creative Co

Tip #4 : Get Connected

Building connections to your other platforms is important for the growth of your Instagram. Two important things to include in your Instagram bio are:

  1. how to connect directly with you, and

  2. obvious links to your other online profiles.

Referencing the photo above, you’ll notice that this photographer provides an easy way to contact her via email. She also makes use of cross connections by linking her personal account and her website. If you visit both of these, you’ll find that they also link to each other and back to the Instagram. This ensures consistency, impact and increased traffic. A consistent name across platforms not only makes you easier to find but gives a sense of brand trust. Ideally you’d have your first and last name as a dot com and handle on social platforms. If for some reason your name is unavailable try real variations of your name. For example, if wasn’t available I’d try or

Bonus Tip: Make sure the name you choose is available on Twitter, Instagram and any other platform you like before committing to a domain.

Ultimately, building a personal brand on Instagram is about finding out who you are, what you want to bring the world and what that looks like visually. Once you have those factors in place you can plan helpful, consistent and engaging content across the weeks. Don’t freak out about making everything perfect, you’ll learn as you go. I’ll leave you with one last tip as you embark on your personal brand adventure. Make sure to use Instagram’s newest features since they reward that behavior with more visibility to your followers. Good luck on your journey!

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Cover photo by Ella Jardim