How to make glitter words in Photoshop

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A few folks asked me how I made the glitterized letters from my DIY Digital Glitter tutorial, so I figured what better way to tell you than to make another Photoshop tutorial!

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How to make glitter words in Photoshop | Hello Brio tutorials

Step 1: Start


Create or open your glitter layer in Photoshop.

Step 2: Add text


Add a text layer on top of the glitter layer. The font I used is Asche.

Play around with the size of your font until it looks they way you want it to.

Step 3: Rasterize the text


Right-clicked on the text layer to Rasterize Type. By doing this, Photoshop will recognize the text as outlined shapes instead of a string of letters, making it easier to work with. However, once you rasterize, you can't change your text easily, so make sure to check for spelling.

Step 4: Select the text


Right-click on your text layer and click "Select Pixels". You'll see the text is highlighted because of the crawling dashed lines.

Step 5: Mask away

Finally, select the glitter layer and click the mask tool at the bottom of your layer palette.


Delete the text layer and you're ready to play with your glitterized text (or any shape you want to make) and incorporate it into your designs.

What will you glitter-ize? Want to learn more in Photoshop? Comment below!

Cover photo by Ian Dooley