How to make your own digital glitter in Photoshop

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In an effort to include more design tutorials on Hello Brio, I am sharing with you a fun and easy tutorial that you can do in Photoshop to create your own glitter effect.

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How to make digital glitter in Photoshop | Hello Brio tutorials

Glitter is huge in the feminine blogging industry. Who doesn't love a touch of glitz and glam, especially for bloggers who are exhibiting their own personal style on their sites?

Read more and learn how to create your own digital glitter in 5 easy steps by using Photoshop with a couple of layer tricks.

Step 1: Create a new Photoshop document


Open Photoshop and create a new square document with a white background.

Step 2: Add solid fill layer

How to create your own glitter in Photoshop - a tutorial on
How to create your own glitter in Photoshop - a tutorial on

Add a new solid fill layer with the glitter color of your choosing. To do this, add a new layer on top of your base layer. Then, pick your color by double-clicking on the Color Picker swatch. Make sure your background color of your Color Picker is white.


Finally, click the Paint Bucket tool or hit "G" on your keyboard and fill in the layer you just created.

Step 3: Grain-ify your new layer


Navigate to Filter → Texture → Grain…. If you can't see it in your menu list, click Filter Gallery and add the Grain filter that way.

I like to have the Intensity at about 65 with the Contrast at about 50. Make sure your Grain type is set to Sprinkles. Click OK.

Step 4: Crystallize your new layer


Navigate to Filter → Pixelate → Crystallize…. Choose a cell size that will correspond with the size glitter you want. I chose 5.

Step 5: Glitter-ify your work

In this last step, you're basically going to create 3 copies of your original layer and rotate each new layer 90 degrees, setting the blend to Multiply so the white part gets ignored by Photoshop.

First, set the blend mode to Multiply on your main glitter layer on the layer panel.


Then, right-click on your main layer and click Duplicate Layer. Hit Command+T for Transform, and then right-click on the layer on your artboard and click Rotate 90 degrees CW. Hit Enter when you're done to clear the Transform tool. Repeat this step 2 more times.


You should now have something that looks like this:


Save your file as a JPG to flatten the layers. You're all done! Now you can use your glitter in any way you wish, and create multiple colors, etc.

Give this tutorial a shot and let me know what you think. Also, I'd love to create tutorials in whatever you're interested in; just comment below!

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