How to center your brush calligraphy without guides

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Hey guys! In this week's video tutorial I'll show you a quick tip on how to center your brush calligraphy on your paper. While you can certainly bring your work into your computer and edit it later, sometimes it's nice to get it all done properly in one sitting (especially if you have to—for a commissioned piece or something you want to hang immediately).

Watch the video below for tips!

Learn how to center your brush lettering and calligraphy without using guides so you can save time and make less mistakes - quick video tutorial on

Tips on Centering Brush Lettering

This is pretty simple! Even with larger brushes, which will naturally yield larger letters, it can be easy to plan ahead and avoid running out of room when making brush calligraphy projects.

Whatever the width of your paper is, imagine the center line. Then, think about the word you need to letter. The quote I want to letter is "Focus on the Journey".

For example: "FOCUS" has 5 letters. The C needs to hit in the center of the page.

For longer lines, consider the total number of characters, including spaces. On the second line of my quote, "on the" has 6 characters. Therefore, O N _ is on the left side of the center of the page, and T H E will be on the right side of the center.

"JOURNEY" has 7 letters, so the R needs to be in the center.

Watch the quick video below to learn how to center your brush lettering. Make sure to hit Like on the video and subscribe to my YouTube channel!

Here's how to center your brush calligraphy so you won't run out of room on your paper again! Video tutorial on

I'd love to know: what questions do you have with brush calligraphy? What's your biggest struggle with brush lettering?

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