How to make your own calligraphy guide

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DIY: Make your own angled calligraphy guide
DIY: Make your own angled calligraphy guide

Here's a quick video showing you how to make your own angled calligraphy guide with a few simple tools:

  • printer paper
  • triangle
  • pen
  • ruler
  • tape

Don't want to make your own? You can download my printable calligraphy guide here. Just remember to use it under lined paper so you get correct and consistent letter heights.

So, watch the video at the bottom or follow along below.

This will result in an angled guide so you can practice your letters and work on consistency.

Materials Needed

All you'll need for this is a piece of printer paper, a thin black inking pen (black is best so it will show through other pieces of paper (I'm using a Micron 02), a ruler that is longer than your paper, some drafting tape or tape that won't damage your paper or writing surface, and an inking triangle.

Draw Your Guide

First, line up your paper with the edge of your desk and tape it down. Then, take your ruler and also line it up with the desk and tape it down. Then, take your triangle and line up the perpendicular edge with each half inch and draw your consistent angle at each half inch. Move from left to right so you can avoid smearing your work.

Remove Your Tape and Practice on Lined Paper

Because there are no horizontal lines on this paper, this is perfect for using it alongside of graph or lined paper so you can test out varying letter heights.

  • 0:00 Hey guys it's Jenn. Today I'm going to show you how to make your own guide for practicing brush calligraphy or calligraphy. This'll give you the slanted guide that will show you how to angle your letters and downward strokes so that you have a nice consistent look when you're practicing.
  • 0:14 Overview of supplies needed: printer paper, ruler, inking acrylic triangle, inking pen, and drafting tape.
  • 1:04 Line up your paper with your desk and then tape it down.
  • 1:15 Take your ruler and also line it up with the desk and then tape that down.
  • 1:29: Take the triangle and line up the long edge with each half inch mark. That's going to be a good distance between each line.
  • 1:45 Start at the top corner and draw our consistent lines. Move right each half inch. The reason we're going from left to right is so that when we pull the triangle away it won't smear.
  • 2:25 Most traditional calligraphy has a 55 degree angle. This is probably a 30-60-90 triangle, so 60 degrees is definitely close enough to 55.
  • 2:51 Remove your ruler and your tape from your paper.
  • 3:01 There are no horizontal lines on this paper; that's on purpose. What I'm going to do with this is use it under grid paper or lined paper when I'm practicing.
  • 3:18 When I'm doing brush calligraphy on this paper I can see where I want to start and stop my lines.
  • 3:44 While you don't have to make your downward strokes on those lines, you can make them next to the lines so you get a good consistent flow.

Remember you can download and print my free guide here. It's helpful to have a few on hand anyway in case your ink bleeds through.

Hope this was helpful!

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