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Zoya nail polish review: Fast Drops quick dry drops

**UPDATE** This post is somewhat re-written to include the new packaging for the Fast Drops product, but I still discuss my first purchase with Zoya in addition to the products Zoya sent me.

Thanks to EnKore Makeup‘s twitter feed, I was able to get two nailpolishes for free! For this limited deal, you got the full size bottles of the colors Dove and Caitlin for absolutely free! I’ve been wanting to try Zoya ever since I started hearing about their nail polishes on YouTube beauty channels. Some perks? It’s “3-free” which in nailpolish speak means it’s free of toluene, formaldehyde, DBP (phthalates) and camphor, which are nasty nasty (perhaps cancer-causing) chemicals that most nail polishes have. OPI is another example of a 3-free nailpolish.

The product I chose to purchase to get my two free polishes was Zoya’s Fast Drops. I was very intrigued by this formula, since I’m always too impatient to let my nails dry completely, and I end up smudging it very quickly. Also, a lot of times I’d be painting my nails after dinner and would let them dry completely, and then go to bed. I’d always wake up with weird sheet marks pressed in my perfect finish! I didn’t even know there was such a thing as a quick-dry nailpolish topcoat that actually worked until I heard about Seche’s Seche Vite, a quick dry topcoat, from Jazziebabycake‘s blog. When I asked her on Twitter, she said she liked it but her formula was starting to become really thick. I knew it was time for me to branch out and try these drops.

Zoya Fast Drops

The Zoya Spoons

Zoya’s website is very easy to navigate. I was very intrigued by their “spoons”, for which have a very helpful video on their site. (I’ve embedded it below, check it out!) Basically, a Zoya spoon is a plastic paddle with a swatch of their nail polish color on the end, which you can then put over your own nail to see how the color will look next to your skin tone. These are 50 cents each and ship for free if that’s all you’re ordering. After my disappointment with Essie Mademoiselle being too sheer of a pink, I got a couple spoons (Madeleine and ) to try to find the perfect pale neutral pink. While I’m not a huge fan of either color, I can’t get over how cool the spoon idea is. I definitely want to order more spoons and then order a full size to see if the color representation matches as well as it’s supposed to.

I really wish that Zoya would make it easier to purchase bundles of spoons instead of having to order each individual one. I they sold a kit of all of their pinks, or sold them in collection batches, I would be more likely to buy their bundle instead of having to add one at a time to my shopping cart. Plus, I’d be more likely to buy a nail polish as a follow up if they sent me some shades that I wouldn’t normally pick out a spoon of for myself.

The Shipping Review

Shipping was $6.95 for my order of two polishes (free), the quick drying drops, and the two spoons. Not too bad. If the shipping seems kind of slow, remember that most mail carriers will only ship nail polish via freight because of the explosion hazard.

The Packaging

My first experience: This is probably the only part where I ran into any issues with my order from Zoya, and it wasn’t even a huge deal. The quick drying drops sell in an acetate (plastic-y) box, but all of the products shipped in a bubble envelope, so the box was easily squished. Understandably, most of the products they ship out are in glass bottles, so they usually don’t have to worry about the crush factor. But Zoya definitely should consider shipping out their boxed products in a box instead of an envelope.

The nail polish, however, arrived very tightly and securely padded in a grey recycled sheet of padding, wrapped around with packing tape. Those polishes weren’t going to break in there!

The spoons came in this cute acetate pouch/ envelope, with a pocket for each spoon. The envelopes holds 6 spoons each. The pouches are a good way to keep the spoons from floating around the padded envelope, and make for a nice presentation as well.

Package from Zoya PR: When Zoya sent me a package containing their Fast Drops as well as some extra goodies, they sent it to me in a carefully packaged box. The nail polishes they offered me were sent in a cute little box, that kind of reminds me of a wine box, so each nail polish is separated by a piece of thin cardboard.

The Zoya Nail Polish

The two free polishes I received with the limited time deal were Dove and Caitlin. For my live demo I decided to use Dove. The first coat went on nicely, but was very streaky. It appeared as if I would end up needing three coats, but the second coat evened everything out. The formula doesn’t bubble and is self-leveling, which that itself makes the polish worth $8.00. As I mentioned before, all Zoya polishes are toluene, formaldehyde, DBP (phthalates) and camphor free, and are also made with a vegan friendly formula. You can’t beat that! I would much rather buy Zoya at $8.00 than OPI at $9.50.

The Fast Drops

Here’s a quick list of the product claims from the packaging:

  • Dries polish fast and ends bubbling
  • Puts an end to long drying times, unsightly dings, smooshes and polish bubbles
  • Dries all layers of polish from topcoat to basecoat while enhancing color vibrancy in just 5-10 minutes
  • Ingredients: Dimethicone, Cyclomethicone, Camellia Oil Extract

The package comes with the drops in a regular sized nail polish bottle with a regular cap, and a dropper which fits over and seals the bottle as well, for easy storage. To apply the Fast Drops speed dry drops, paint all layers of nail polish: base coat, 1, 2, or 3 (or more?) layers of nail polish, then your top coat. There’s no need to wait several minutes between coats. In my demo, I waited maybe 30 seconds in between coats. Then, apply one drop to one end of your nail, then tilt your nail so the drop will cover the surface.

The drops spread quickly and evenly; the product is very thin. I did need two drops for some nails, but that could’ve been because I already had them at an angle, making it more difficult for the drop to travel in the direction I wanted it to.

With two coats of nail polish and one of topcoat, five minutes seems to do the trick. During my demo, I timed the five minutes, and was scared to touch them as soon as 5 minutes after applying the drops. However, my nails were completely dry, and I could tell that all of the layers dried as well. It’s truly a miracle product!

The Quick Review

I’m in love with this product! It works in 5 minutes. The $16.00 is worth it because it seems like the product will last a long time. This product is and will continue to be a major time saver. It’s also been saving my peace of mind, so I can go to bed without worrying about smudging my nails! Check out my video for the quick rundown and demo.

Please subscribe to my YouTube channel if you haven’t already! I appreciate your support.

Have you tried this? What other Zoya products have you tried? What do you think of the review? Comment below! Thanks for reading!

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