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Yes To Grapefruit – Yes to affordable natural skincare

Yes to Carrots Grapefruit skincare line review on hellobrio.com

I’ve been a long-time admirer of Yes To products and somehow just started using them about a month ago.

I’m in love!

The Yes To Grapefruit line is designed with hyperpigmentation in mind.

Overall, the Yes To Grapefruit line is designed with hyperpigmentation in mind. This line is right up my alley. I scar and hyperpigment so easily on my face from acne and on my body from random blemishes and bug bites. Knowing I’m using a suite of head-to-toe products that will gradually help to even out my skin tone helps keep my mind at ease.

Dark Spot Correcting Body Crème

yes to grapefruit dark spot correcting body creme butter

This body cream couldn’t have come at a better time. With the winter months still in full swing, this product is amazing to have in my personal care arsenal. I love how rich the cream is without being greasy. It absorbs quickly and has a very pleasant scent. I haven’t been using it long enough to notice a difference with scars, but hopefully with continued use it will fade them. My one qualm – I wish this were in a tube! The consistency isn’t too thick and could easily be dispensed in a standard crimp-top tube.

Dark Circle Correcting Eye Cream

yes to grapefruit dark circle correcting eye cream

I have to admit – I’m usually horrible at remembering to use eye cream. Since I’m now in my late twenties, I know I really have to jump on the bandwagon and make it part of my routine. I’m at that age where it’s no longer a preventative measure!

There’s a couple things I really love about this – the first thing being the packaging. So many eye creams are unhygienic because the eye cream is in a pot, and sticking your finger in a jar day after day, even if you’ve washed your hands, isn’t the best thing. This slim squeeze tube allows you to dispense the perfect amount of product and keeps the rest of the cream sanitized.

yes to grapefruit dark circle correcting eye cream2

Since I’ve started to treat my eye area the right way, I’ve noticed a slight improvement. I didn’t have the darkest circles to begin with (partly because of my Garnier Roller Ball, I’m convinced).

Brightening Facial Towelettes

yes to grapefruit towelettes closed

This is a real treat to use these. For some reason I can’t get myself to buy makeup removing wipes to use normally, because I feel like I should be un-lazy and just wash my face twice. But these large facial wipes are fantastic. And they also remove waterproof mascara and eyeliner without being irritating.

yes to grapefruit towelettes

If I really felt like pinching pennies, these towelettes could easily be cut in half (or even thirds)… they’re huge!

Dark Spot Correcting Serum

yes to grapefruit dark spot correcting serum

I’ve been using this twice daily for a while now underneath my argan oil moisturizer and this has been the most impressive product. Much like my new favorite skincare treatment – the amazing O.R.G. Skincare Facial Peel – this serum will help slough off the outermost layer of dead skin. Would this replace O.R.G.? No, since O.R.G.’s peel is the most effective treatment, but this Yes To Grapefruit serum is a good product to use in between treatments.

Also, a little bit of this product goes a long way. My skin has been noticeably clearer and more even in tone since using this in combination with my regular skincare routine.

One product I’d absolutely love to see in this line is a hand cream! Maybe someday, right?

yes to grapefruit collection

What are your favorite Yes To products? And what product from the Yes To Grapefruits collection would you be most excited to try?

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About YesTo: Founded in 2006, Yes To, Inc. is a global leader in natural skin and hair care, with awesome and affordable products made with fruits, veggies, and a smile! Yes To’s award-winning formulations are over 95% natural, have proven results, and are free of parabens, petroleum, and SLS. We offer six unique collections including products for face, body, hair, lips, and even babies…to allow people to create their own natural ‘recipe’ that works for them. We are a fun-loving, wine-drinking, yoga-doing, active-life-living bunch of folks in San Francisco who a) create affordable natural products that really work b) give back by planting school gardens for kids to help teach them about healthy living and nutrition, and c) have a pretty awesome time doing it. So join us, and say YES to naturally good products…unnaturally good results!

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