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Sunday Seven – Random favorites from March so far

I was so touched when my friend Steph noticed I didn’t post a Sunday Seven last week! Thanks, lady!

On to this week’s Sunday Seven – 7 of my favorite things from the past week, anywhere from favorite blog post to beauty product.

1. Styling Tricks to Save Time and Money

apartment therapy styling tips decorate decorating styling home

Not a big surprise that Apartment Therapy’s site made it into my 7 again. That site is seriously a non-stop source of inspiration. This article gives you 6 easy tips for how to redecorate your home without spending a dime, such as moving furniture or accessories around and thinking creatively. This is something especially helpful if you’re an apartment dweller like me and you don’t want to drop $$ on new pieces of furniture or are limited to how much you can change cosmetically. One of the tips was to rearrange furniture within one room – something I’m all too good at!

2. People Style Watch

I’m subscribed to way too many magazines, so they often come in the door and go right on the shelf to avoid them piling up around my hall table. One magazine I always make sure to read right away is People Style Watch – a smaller fashion magazine that packs a lot of eye candy and helpful style tips into one magazine. As much as I love magazines like Vogue, they can be too overwhelming with ads and articles that I don’t have time to read. People Style Watch is like fashion Cliff Notes.

Another great thing about PSW – if you have an iPad and you’re a subscriber, you can get digital issues for free! And PPS: right now on their site they’re offering 2 free trial issues.

3. Polka Dot Blouse

Big polka dots are everywhere, and I’m in love. I especially love this blouse I saw on Running on Happiness.

polka dot blouse

4. Bumble and Bumble Thickening Spray

Bumble and Bumble hair products are ubiquitous, but it’s just one of those things that I hadn’t tried yet. Until now. Enter their Thickening Spray, a hairspray that you use on wet or damp hair before you blowdry it, or after to set your style. After reading about this in a magazine, I had to go test it out, and luckily Sephora has a travel size for $9.

bumble bumble thickening spray hair curling hairspray curl style

I’m not entirely sure what it is about this product, but it makes my limp hair instantly more voluminous and helps my curls last longer when I style it. You’d think that they’d not call it “hairspray”, since that makes it seem less special, but either way it works!

5. Camera Awesome

camera awesome iphone photography app photo pictures

This free iPhone app is made to Awesomize(!) your photos. I love it because you can take or import photos from the app, and then crop it, adjust brightness and contrast, and add filters, borders, etc. It’s a more robust version of Instagram (without the instant social aspect), and also has in-app purchases for even more filters and effects. The progress bar is very Sims-esque, with things like “adding kraken tentacles”, “instilling dragonmonkey screams” etc. Very fun.

6. Tazo Zen Tea

My Starbucks poison is a grande Zen tea, hot. The mix of spearmint and lemongrass in this green tea is to die for, and I’m so incredibly thankful that they sell the tea in stores. (Hello, Target!) I’m a huge green tea fanatic and will mostly just drink standard hot green tea, but the Zen makes a really nice treat. (source)

Speaking of Starbucks, check out this concept store design that I saw this past week on The Cool List. *Dies*

starbucks next gen concept store design interior architecture

7. Real Mail Notifications

In an effort for them to be more competitive, USPS now offers email and text notification for its PO box customers. How awesome is that? Now I don’t waste time going to the Post Office only to find accumulating junk mail. They now also offer street addressing so private carriers can deliver to USPS locations to be distributed to PO boxes. (Now if only UPS would lighten up….)

Random thought of the week – My new obsession is photography. That doesn’t mean I’m going go go out and drop a ton of money on a nice camera and start taking classes, it just means it’s something I’m going to dream about until I actually take the plunge. Reading A Beautiful Mess (featured in my first Sunday Seven doesn’t help, either!) What are some of your favorite things from the past week?

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