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CSS Hack: Make any square image a circle


A quick CSS tip today, which is a fun addition for profile photos or any photo that you wish to make a circle without dragging it into Photoshop or another image editor. To do this, all you’ll need is a square image and a way to edit your CSS. While I recommend you edit CSS … Continue Reading →

How To Argue Yourself Happy


There’s something so simple about happiness that is always true but is hard to remember. We can hang motivational quotes and snippets around our house, on our desktop backgrounds, on sticky notes on the fridge, but ultimately there’s nothing more reassuring than reading or re-reading a longer passage in a book or elsewhere. Let me … Continue Reading →

What’s in my Pen Case: Favorite Pens and Markers


Okay. I’m going to Paris soon. And while I’ll already be in Paris when this post publishes, I am starting to mentally pack for my trip and I need to bring my Biggest Bang For My Buck pens so I can doodle to my heart’s content. So I wanted to share! To be honest, the … Continue Reading →

How do you follow blogs?


In a recent Twitter conversation and Facebook post, I got some feedback on how people follow blogs. The answers? Email, Feedly and Bloglovin. There are two scenarios here: You Read Blogs How do you follow your favorite blogs? You love to read blogs. You may┬áreach for the RSS feed of every new blog you want … Continue Reading →

9 Crazy Cute Threadless T-Shirts

Yummy Bear Shirt by Jennifer Coyle - hellobrio.com

After feeling the sting of my second Cotton Bureau rejection, I’m feeling a bit raw. But what to do? Submit my design to more sites. More! After attending a really awesome Comic event last weekend, I’m ready to jump into Threadless per Terry Laban‘s recommendation. I submitted my first design (mockup below) and am waiting … Continue Reading →

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