Hand lettered printable accountability calendar for 2016

Free printable calendar download from HelloBrio.com


It's been a while. I apologize. I have a pretty good excuse though. I wrote a book called Online Dating Done Right this past month. It's been on my to-do list ever since I met Adams last June, so I'm happy to share that side project with you.

Anyway. It's also key for me to note that since I started writing the book in late June, I've had a lot of clarity surrounding what I think my "passion" is even though I didn't think I found it beforeIt's writing. And now in addition to writing 500 journal words per day, I want to write 1,000 public-facing words for my new blog, JennCoyle.net, which will serve as an author site as well as house posts that focus on productivity, life, minimalism, etc, while I continue to post illustration and design tutorials here.

Why am I telling you all of this? One, because I want to keep you in the loop. Two, because I want to make up my radio silence to you by offering you a pretty freebie.

Remember my daily writing goal? I've found that writing my word count down every day on a paper calendar keeps me more accountable than scheduling time every day to write. So, after perusing existing printable calendar freebies and deciding most of them are too girly or distracting for my taste, I created my own set that I want to share with you for free.

You can use the calendar to help keep you accountable for a goal you want to achieve, like drinking the right amount of water, or exercising, or eating right, or blogging. Or you can just print it out and use it like… a calendar!

Download your free copy by becoming a Briolette.

Want to read more about accountability calendars? Read my new post at JennCoyle.net.