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Hello, @BonLook! Hello, prescription glasses for $99. Oh, yeah.

Woes with prescription glasses

The last time I purchased prescription glasses was about 2 years ago. My vision is bad. Like extremely bad. Like so bad that there’s only one other person I know whose vision is worse than mine.

Glasses have always been a bit of an investment, since I always need to upgrade to the thinnest lenses and such.

I believe the last time I bought glasses from an independent¬†optometrist, it was close to $800. Kind of ridiculous, and a big bummer… but I was willing to pay that amount of money because the last “budget” pair of glasses I bought from a chain store ended up giving me a major headache (it turns out they overcorrected my prescription).

I’ve been in the market for a new pair of glasses because the lenses on mine were starting to get scratched from improper cleaning, but I wasn’t ready to drop another $800. Then, I came across BonLook via fellow blogger Dana’s post on The Wonder Forest¬†and immediately became intrigued.

The basics of BonLook

All of the frames on BonLook are $99. $99. That’s it! And they’re all shooper cute. BonLook even offers a method to virtually try on different styles and you can request a stylist to recommend four frames for your style preferences and needs. (Like they literally send you a personalized 1 or 2 minute video and talk you through their choices. Amazing!)
It’s really easy to add your prescription (see below) and shipping is free on orders of $99 and more (so, like, all orders).

Adding your prescription

Since I have my prescription from last time and don’t feel like I need an update, I easily plugged it into the BonLook shopping cart after choosing the Cobson Tortoise glasses. To add my prescription was only $30.

Most prescriptions are free, but my vision is too bad. However, I was very pleasantly surprised to see that the “upgraded” thin lenses were only $30 and not $230, which is what I expected!

BonLook Review - adding prescription in cart - on Hellobrio.com

They arrived – then a scary moment

Surprisingly, my glasses arrived in 7 days. Super quick!

I couldn’t wait to try them on and see if they would actually work for me. Glasses for $129 – cute glasses for $129 – seemed too good to be true.

The first time I put them on, I had a sad moment. The prescription seemed all wrong, they were too big for my head and would slip and fall off of my face, and they were making me dizzy and nauseous. I immediately emailed customer service to see if I could return them.

Good customer service

Katasha in customer service responded to me right away with suggestions on how to make my glasses work better, mainly by heating up the frames and bending them so they’d fit my face. I was pretty skeptical and also terrified I’d end up breaking them, but I gave it a shot and it seemed to get better.

After a couple of days, it sadly didn’t work. I emailed Katasha again and she said it’d be best for me to go to an optometrist to ask them to adjust them. Fast forward a couple of days: I went to a local chain store and explained the problems I was having, and they adjusted them right then and there for free! (And they handled the frames like a champ. They bent the frames way harder than I ever would have, but they really know what they’re doing!)

I emailed Katasha to thank her and told her I’d be keeping (and loving!) my new glasses. And BonLook, if you’re reading, YOU GUYS ROCK, and so does Katasha!

BonLook prescription glasses for $99 - product and customer service review on hellobrio.com

The quickie

So, BonLook successfully made my super strong prescription glasses for $119 (I had a $10 coupon for signing up for their emails, yay!). It was easy to enter my prescription, and the whole process from placing the order and then having them arrive at my front door was 7 days. And if you didn’t get it already, I’m in love with their customer service and am so super duper happy with my purchase. I’m pretty much ready to buy some fun pairs, now, which I’ve never been able to afford to do before!

Would you order glasses from BonLook? What do you think of my new specs?

Post contains affiliate links. But obviously I purchased these glasses myself and am completely and honestly in love with my glasses and the service I received and would recommend BonLook to anyone and everyone! – more info

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