The single best iPhone photography trick

I learned a new iPhone photography trick and I want to share it with you.

Are you also overprotective with your Apple iPhone packaging?

If you're anything like me, you're addicted to your iPhone, but you're also smart about resale value. What does that mean? You probably keep all of the original packaging as untouched as possible: you may delicately slice the cellophane around 3 sides to create a "flap", then open the box and leave all of the manuals and sticky wrappers as in tact as possible, so when you go to sell your iPhone next year in order to make upgrading more wallet-friendly, everything will be in there and in close to pristine condition.

Your iPhone addiction is smart when you're obsessive careful with the original packaging for resale value.

Or maybe you're not as compulsive as me about the original packaging (gosh, actually I hope you're not… I realize I sound like a nutcase), but you still may like to be able to keep the packaging and extra iPhone components in as untouched a condition as possible

The single best iPhone photography trick

Including, but not limited to, the headphones.

For years I purchased rinky dink $20 Sony headphones from Target so that I could use them at the gym and not worry about tarnishing my pristine Apple-official headphones. I've gone through quite a few pairs of these secondary in-ear headphones due to sweat (I run a lot) or sheer physical abuse (crushing an earbud in a door, shredding the wire somehow, etc).

sony headphones

Then, I started to spoil myself when I purchased the iPhone 5S.

Using the official Apple headphones is a game changer

I thought to myself, "You're totally worth it. Use the headphones that come with the phone. Go ahead."

Having the volume and phone control attached to the right earbud is pretty key.

Like, it's a game changer.

So fast forward to me wandering around the streets of Philadelphia, bravely sporting my Apple headphones, using the volume clicker to increase the volume as I'm walking along a street with heavy traffic, and decreasing the volume to stay aware of my surroundings when I'm in quieter neighborhoods.

Click, click.

All the while having my iPhone cozied up in my pocket.

So, I thought that was enough of a game changer until…. Ok wait. Let me rewind a little bit.

Hello easily accessible iPhone Camera

With recent updates for the iPhone, accessing the camera app on the phone has become easier and easier. First you could access it from the lock screen by tapping/swiping up.

iphone camera from lockscreen

Then Apple added the Control Center, which allows you to swipe up from any app and access a number of things, whether it's wifi, calculator, flashlight, camera, etc.

iphone control center

So the camera is always at your disposal, with a quick swipe and tap at the bottom right hand corner.

Obviously this is an awesome feature for everyone, especially those of us who tend to take photos of everything everywhere.

iPhone Camera Shutter Shortcuts

Also, Apple made the volume buttons a camera shutter shortcut, so you can easily take photos by tapping the shutter button on the screen or by clicking one of the volume buttons.

Click, click.

Do you see where I'm going with this? Are you getting as excited as I think you are?

A Happy Accident

So one day, my friend is using his phone and has his earbuds in. He's talking to a friend on the phone.

apple headphones

He opens his camera app by accident. Or on purpose. I truly can't remember because by the time he was this far into his story, I already knew where he was going and my excitement took over my ability to focus.

Then he goes to adjust the volume of his call.

NOW you definitely know where I'm going.

With the camera app opened, and by using the Apple headphone volume adjustment, he accidentally took a photo.

That's right.

You can use the volume control on your Apple headphones as a remote to take photos.

Playing around with this awesome feature

Yeah, that's right. Use your Apple headphones as a wired camera remote for your iPhone.

iphone headphones as camera shutter remote
iPhone headphones as camera shutter remote
iPhone headphones as camera shutter remote

Or you can take far-away but insanely awkward selfies, as demonstrated below. (Hello 3' of headphone length plus your arm's length!)

Did I mention insanely awkward?

Now, whether you use this piece of amazing knowledge for good (like taking a decent selfie with the back-facing camera) or for evil (stealthily snapping a photo of someone extremely hot or extremely creepy), that's up to you. But yeah, go ahead and open your Apple headphones and use them to their full extent.

Knowledge bomb dropped. If your mind was blown, share this with everyone.

the single best iPhone photography trick